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Dry Plants
Image by Allef Vinicius

Hello + Welcome!

After living all over the country, and having a long career in the military (with more moving) I have stockpiled a plethora of lessons and have a deeper understanding of my place in the world. 


I am a woman at home in my vastly creative mind. Be it expressing an emotion through writing, painting, or bringing an artistic vision to life. 

Testing my competitive cooking skills and honing my culinary acumen by creating a surprise menu for a dinner party of twelve. Or picking up my guitar and--dare I say--serenading my service dog, the point of giving me the "paw". It's all part of my process. In this next chapter of my life, I know that exercising my artistic brain is where I am at peace and can continue to contribute to the world.  I have chosen to share my good, my bad, and (sometimes really) ugly. These experiences are imbedded as constant companions and reminders...welcomed or not.

I have grown a sizeable Rolodex over the years. Alphabetizing my successes and spectacular pity-party failures (of which there have been many), gloriously joyful cloud-nine highs, and heartbreaking lows--worthy of great big overflowing crocodile tears. Truth be told, my (often humorous) winding bumpy path and occasional rough seas have been my guide.  A steady compass pointing (a relative) true north. When I've wandered off-course-sometimes farther than realized--it has tested and righted my sense of direction, expanded my worldview, and cultivated a wicked sense of humor about the world we live in.


It has taught me the value of humility, patience, and the ability to laugh at myself (and accept that God gives a good chuckle when I tell him my plans). That, through self-awareness and conscious mindfulness, I can cultivate compassion for myself and others. And more importantly, seek to always do good, cast away the blinders of ignorance and status-quo convention, and live life "eyes-wide-open". 

So let's take a journey together...and maybe summit a boulder or brave a wave from time to time.


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