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Image by SJ Objio
Image by Allef Vinicius

Hey there!

My name is Zanna Němec.

I am a woman at home in my creative mind. Be it writing, painting, competitive cooking,  playing my guitar (or viola), or dare I say...serenading my service dog Hondo, to the point of giving me the "paw"; my artistic brain is where I am happiest.  After a long career in the military I have chosen to share my stories, "things" I've learned along the way, recognize others, and engage random strangers in pensive thought.

I am frequently asked where I am famous response would be "pick a state". Yes, it's true - I've lived in more places then an average flock of birds during migration season; and though originally from New Orleans, Louisiana I've currently made my nest near St Louis, Missouri.  

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