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Dry Plants


Wā-fer-ərŋ Ār-tī-zən

A Place for Artistic and Written Expression

Welcome! Indigo Kwyll is a two-part experience that I invite you to explore. The Fēldz Ov In-kwe-rī (FOI) Forum will examine topics and/or current events from a (historical) prime-principle perspective largely absent political leaning, race, or religion. 


The "Līf Az Ärt Bläg", is a three-part blog serving as a creative outlet. I will share my personal journey with you through the "Bī-wā Va-guh-bon". Broaden our culinary experience in "Thē Nāked Spens".  Invite you to experience our 1904 Worlds Fair home remodel in "Grit and Grīm".  






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